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Hi Everybody,

I am truly sorry, Sky TV had some kind of technical glitch on Thursday and sadly were unable to broadcast my performance at Lord’s Cricket ground. I’m really sorry if fans and friends watched hoping to see me and were disappointed. At least we had a fascinating days cricket!

In the spirit of making up for it, and in case you happen to be watching the Platinum Jubilee Pageant on BBC TV later, I’ll be touring central London in an opened topped bus!  The Pageant among other things, will feature 7 open topped buses, one for each decade of the Queen‘s reign. On top of these buses will be 150 official National Treasures. Apparently I am one of them! I will be on the top of the 1950s bus, if you happen to be watching. I’m pretty sure this will go ahead!

Wish me luck!

Love Lesley xx


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