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About me

Many of you will already know me, so welcome back to those. If you don’t, then I’m an opera singer who’s been very lucky to do a whole variety of things in my forty-year career! I’ve made records, sung on fabulous opera stages, sung in musicals on both sides of the Atlantic, had my own TV series as well as taking part in fabulous programmes such as Strictly Come Dancing, Who Do You Think You Are, Loose Women and Songs of Praise. I’ve enjoyed pushing the boundaries of what people used to think of as opera and LOVED getting to perform with amazing artists from right across the musical world, including Marti Pellow, Andrea Bocelli, Andre Rieu and Michael Ball! I also believe that you never stop discovering new things, so last autumn alone I appeared in a music-hall opera based on the life of one of the first suffragettes for Welsh National Opera and my first ever stage play with the lovely Hugh Dennis and John Marquez. Soon I’ll be appearing in another new opera at English National Opera, based on the women victims of Jack the Ripper! Somehow, I also fit in being a mother, wife, sister and proud Yorkshire-girl!

The things I love

Being with family

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