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Hello everybody! Well here we go! Welcome to my new blog where I will be letting you know on a weekly basis what I’m up to!

Before I start can I say many thanks to Steve and Lynne who have kept you informed while I’ve been setting this up. Hopefully now you’ll be able to get any information you need via the blog.

I’m currently rehearsing a fantastic new opera for ENO called Jack the Ripper: the Women of Whitechapel, in which I play Catherine Eddowes. She was the Ripper’s fourth victim, but there’s much more to her than that! It’s such an exciting and ingenious opera! Written by composer Iain Bell and librettist Emma Jenkins, it tells the Ripper story from the women’s (ie. victim’s!) points of view.

I’ll tell you more about all of this as we go along but in the meantime here are some photographs of myself and my colleague friends who are working with me on this fantastic project. This is Natalia Romaniw (who plays Mary), Janis Kelly (Polly), me (Catherine) and Marie Mclaughlin (Annie).

Good to be back in touch! Cheerio for now!

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