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Hello Everybody,

Can I start by thanking you all for your lovely birthday wishes on April 10. I had so many cards from! It made my heart sing to know that you’ve not forgotten me during lockdown.

Speaking of the soon to be over lockdown, something strange has happened to my hair in the last year. I don’t know if it’s because, like the rest of the world, I haven’t really been doing much with it this past year but, as you can see in the picture, I’ve turned into a woolly sheep! I don’t know what’s happened but I now have a head full of mad, ash blonde, totally natural curls. Covid Curls in fact! My hairdresser doesn’t know what to make of it but I think they’re great, a sort of cross between Miriam Margolyes and Julie Christie!!

Anyway, my main focus this past month has been the arrival of our Beagle puppies! They actually belong to my sister but as she’s not been very well just recently, I’ve been taking care of them in the night, so she can get some sleep. There are seven altogether and they have to be watched 24/7 in case the mum accidentally rolls on them and smothers them. Also there is a huge amount of puppy theft at the moment, so the whole family are helping to keep guard. It’s a bit back-to-front as the dogs are usually the ones doing the guarding, but there you go! And it’s official, I’m in love! I’ve always thought of myself as a cat person but having literally helped their mum Bumble bring them into the world, I am now a convert.

I’m sure you’ll be pleased to know that I have had my second vaccine jab, though not so pleased when I tell you I feel dreadful! I’m sure it will pass, and of course it’s totally worth it, but it is a bit grim. I hope the rest of you haven’t had it too bad when you’ve had your jabs and it definitely makes me feel better knowing that every single jab counts towards establishing our herd immunity. The sooner we’re all inoculated the sooner we can get control of this horrible virus. My sainted husband, Dr Peter, has been attending (virtually) various faith group meetings to encourage the vaccine unconfident members to step up. I’m so proud of him, he’s been working incredibly hard with the vaccine rollout program. I even helped in one meeting with an Evangelical Christian group by singing Amazing Grace and You’ll Never Walk Alone. Christine their inspirational pastor, very kindly blessed Peter and I for our work in the community, which made me feel very humble.

Finally I am really excited that concerts dates are beginning to firm up and I should be back treading the boards once again very soon! Keep an eye on the website for details and I look forward to seeing you soon.

Love, Lesley

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